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Desire for communication and friendship   versione testuale
"...While the speed with which the new technologies have evolved in terms of their efficiency and reliability is rightly a source of wonder, their popularity with users should not surprise us, as they respond to a fundamental desire of people to communicate and to relate to each other. This desire for communication and friendship is rooted in our very nature as human beings and cannot be adequately understood as a response to technical innovations. In the light of the biblical message, it should be seen primarily as a reflection of our participation in the communicative and unifying Love of God, who desires to make of all humanity one family. When we find ourselves drawn towards other people, when we want to know more about them and make ourselves known to them, we are responding to God’s call - a call that is imprinted in our nature as beings created in the image and likeness of God, the God of communication and communion..."

As the Pope clearly says in this important section of the Message, the new technologies of communication do not lead to the creation of new friendships; rather they are “grafted” onto the people’s basic desire to enter into relationships with each other.
This desire is rooted in our human nature. It would be better to refer to the biblical message: in fact according to Scripture our desire for human relationship and friendship is a reflection of God’s love, and Trinitarian love that is so great that is extends through all humanity, that in this way can aspire to be part of God’s one family.
The desire to draw close to others and to enter into a relationship with them is in fact our “response” to God’s vocation to Love, to “become that which we love”, made in the image and likeness of God, the God of communion and of communication and relation.
Communication that becomes relation cannot therefore be seen as an “option”; it fulfills our human nature in its dimension of communion with God and among our brothers and sisters. We can almost say “we are” communication, and in this is fulfilled our Divine vocation to a relationship with God in Christ.